How to Flag Craigslist Competitors Spam Ads

How to Flag Craigslist Competitors Spam Ads

How to Flag Craigslist Competitors Spam Ads

Do you know how to flag craigslist competitors spam ads! Today we are going to Teach  you an easy solution for Craigslist Spam Ads flag . 

One of the best ways to promote and grow your local business is through craigslist. Everyday thousands of posts are made in craigslist about different sales, jobs, housings, community services, gigs and just about any other thing. This is one of the biggest multi-business platforms. 

And naturally, this is such a big market you would have a lot of competition. Flagging them out is the prominent way to get your sale on the top. Apart from that in the midst of thousands of ads, some spams are bound to get through. 

So here I am going to give you some tips on how to flag craigslist competitors spam ads without much hassle. 

What is Flagging? 

Craigslist has given its user the option where they can flag posts, if they think that violate the Craigslist rules. Craigslist is a free platform. Anyone can post here anytime. So many spam and inappropriate posts are bound to be published from time to time. After reporting flag them out you would see that “this posting has been flagged for removal” on Craigslist. 

What does it mean if something is flagged for removal on craigslist?

If you read the Craigslist posting guidelines you would see that it prohibits the sale and promotion of certain items. Items like stolen goods, drugs of any kind, pornography, obscene materials, weapons, domestic pets, any government programmed. Apart from that bulk mailing list is also banned here. 

So, it means that someone has found that your posting contradicts the Craigslist guidelines. Flagging these sites are important so that your ads can rank in Craigslist. And flagging your competitor’s ads can give you a heads up as well in Business. 

How to Flag Craigslist Competitors Spam Ads

Flagging is a continuous process. You can do it in three ways. 

  • On your Own
  • Through friends and family 
  • Through a flagging service 

On your own 

You can flag your competitors' ads on your own. For this, you have to follow these few steps

  • Go to the posting in craigslist find inappropriate ads. 
  • On the top right you would find the link to flag
  • There are a few options for flagging. You need to choose which ground it violated. 
  • Be sure to choose the correct option. Because they won’t ask you to confirm it. 

Doing it on your own is not a full-proof idea. Because one flag notice won’t necessarily mean that the post is removed. You have to hit flag n flag several time for that case craigslist can trace your IP. For it to be effective you need to buy different IP addresses for  flag your competitors spam ads.

The process is frankly tenuous and costly. One IP address will cost you at least 1$. At Least 40 to  50 bans are needed so just think how much money you need to spend.

Through Friends and Family 

One alternative option you can adapt here is asking friends and family to flag it. You can create a group and then flag the link together. This way the link will get flagged from different IP addresses. 

But the downside is not all of them might get the time to do it. So it is also not a full-proof method. You might just be wasting your time texting unnecessarily back and forth. And not many people might want to do it just to promote your business. 

Hiring Flagging Service ( Full-proof Method)

Flagging service is the single most effective way for getting rid of the competition. Many providers get rid of the competition for you. On the previous methods, you can not Flag that many posts at once. Or ever at all. And maintaining the business and also the flagging can be too much for you. 

But flagging services gives you varieties of options and schemes. You can choose any of them.  You can flag a few competitors at a time. The best part is this will allow you to Flag out the competitors for a while. 

There are a few flagging services out there. You can easily find their website on Google. However, after much consideration and research, we have come across the best flagging service provider for you to make your work a little bit easier. is the top-rated Craigslist flagging service now a days. This flagging service gives you all the mechanisms to get on the top and trim out the competition. 

What’s offer 

Best flagger allows you to grow and expand your business on craigslist.  They provide two types of services, But core service in Craigslist Flagging Services 

  • Craigslist Flagging Services 
  • Craigslist Live Posting 

Craigslist Flagging Services 

Best Flagger has two different schemes here. One is for the free ads flag and one is for the paid Ads flag . 

Free Ad Packagesyou can flag up to 100-1000 ads here for a maximum of 30 days. So you see they offer the best deals imaginable. Just imagine you are getting rid of 100 competitors all at once. And that too for such a long time. The only downside you will face in this package is that paid ads ads won’t be removed here but multiple local city allow flag. 

Paid Ad Packages: So far I am in love with these packages. They got good reviews and most customers are satisfied with it. There are some good reason why I highly praise this package 

  • Firstly it removes paid and unpaid ads which is a plus if your competitors are using remunerated ads. 
  • Secondly, the dealer's post can’t be flagged. While you are trying to trim out your competitors, your competitors are trying to do the same. So you need good protection from them. Best Flagger ensures that protection. By purchasing this package you can get a good night's sleep knowing that your ads can’t be removed from the platform. 
  • Thirdly you are getting rid of the competition for multiple days. So the focus will be purely on your links. 

Craigslist Live Posting

Apart from flagging it helps you to post ads as well. You can post locally or for multi-city through them. They will manage, post and make sure your ads generate traffic. A long term benefit for your business for sure. 

So you are getting all the benefits on just one website. 

Why Choose Best Flagger !

  • Reasonable price and best customer service. 

  • Flagging both local and multi-city ads.
  • 24/7 Customer services. 
  • Flagging 100 ads per day
  • Money-back guarantee 
  • Protects your posts from flagging out. 
  • Even paid ads can be removed through their service.
  • And the best part is no one will know who flagged their ads.  

How to unflag on Craigslist

On many occasions, you may flag the wrong link or might click the wrong option for flagging. Those times you have to unflag and then flag again. But how to unflag it, that's the real question. Just follow these few simple steps: 

  • Open the craigslist website. 
  • On the top right corner, you will see a bin icon. 
  • Click on the icon and you will find all the ads you have flagged
  • You will find the option “restore the posting”. Just click on it. And walla

How many flags does it take to remove a Craigslist ads

Usually, if your post gets flagged by competitors then you won’t get that post back. You might wonder how many flags it takes for your post to get removed. Well, there is no hard and fast rule for that. Your post might get removed just by one complaint if there are not many local competitors. 

So, your ad can get removed by just one person, your post might get deleted.  Or it might take just about 100 flags. 

What to Do If Your Ads get removed by Competitors 

In craigslist posts get flagged all the time. Dealers want to trim out other competitors. So while flagging your competitor’s ads you need to protect your own too. The business has become that challenging in this business.

If however your ad gets removed due to flagging, you will have no other option but to upload a new ad. This is frankly really exhausting because your ad might get continuously flagged. Uploading it repeatedly because it is getting removed can strike a nerve you didn’t know existed. 

I remember my friend from the car dealership came to me one night and said someone keeps flagging my craigslist ads. I gave him this same advice that prevents my ad from getting removed : Protection is the best defensive mechanism for such an occasion. Flagging services like not only get rid of the competition for you but also makes sure your ads on top position. This duality makes it the best Craigslist flagging service in the market. 


Flagging is an easy process if you have the Best Flagger at your hand. You won’t have to wonder How to Flag Craigslist Competitors Spam Ads anymore. Their service will do the work for you. 

You won’t have to worry about which option you should choose or the fact that you are doing it correctly or not. The excellent service you will get from will surely satisfy you.